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Photos courtesy of Henrich Busch   and  Marine radio - Bryan Richards

The "Reliance" emergency transmitter operated on the 410/425/454/468/480/500/512 khz frequencies, and was used mostly as an emergency transmitter,thou in the U.K it was ( at the time ) only a legal requirement for vessels to be fitted with M.F equipment and I can remember Marconi operating some vessels that went from the U.K to the States with the station fitted with two Reliance's/Mercury/Elettra set-up, and the R/0 had to ask for a QSP back to GKA OR WCC/WSL from other vessels in the vicinity. The interesting thing about the "Reliance" was it did not have crystals in it , it was frequency controlled by L.C. tuned circuits.It was also re-badged by AWA ( different cabinet ) but their transmitter was the same electrically, not sure what the name of the AWA version was thou.


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