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This page is a collection of ships pictures mainly  from the White star and Shaw Savill & Albion line fleets the author having sailed on some of the later Shaw Savill & Albion line vessels. There are also links to other shipping companies that had connections to either WS or SSA however remote.

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The white star line operated between 1845 and 1936 and had approximately 120 ships, when in 1936 she was taken over by her old rival, the Cunard steamship company, the company adopted the name of the Cunard-white star steamship co. in 1957 the White star part of the name was dropped with the company now returning to its former name of Cunard. They had come a long way from their early beginnings where they concentred on the Australian gold mining trade with the 'Blue jacket' and the 'Ellen' to when she was acquired by the Carnival corporation in 1989 and today operating the Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mary and the Queen Victoria

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Shaw Saville & Co was formed in 1858, by Robert Shaw and Walter saville ( former clerks to Willis Gann & co ) Robert Shaw having had a disagreement with willis Gann, resulting in a pay decrease, decided to quit and form his own company, Walter Saville quickly followed Shaw in leaving Gann & co and joined Shaw in his new venture. Patrick Henderson's Albion line was formed in 1856.The two companies came together in 1882 to form the Shaw Savill & Albion line ( note the 'e' now dropped from 'Saville' ) the relationship between SSA and the White star line emerged when they ran a joint service to New Zealand between 1884  & 1933. The service being taken over completely by SSA when the White star line merged with the Cunard steamship company in 1936. In 1985 SSA became part of the Furness Withy group. In 1990 the bulk of the Furness Withy group was sold to the German based Hamburg-sud. The name of the U.K holding company was Shaw Savill Holdings Ltd.

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Please note that this web site  has no connections with Shaw Savill & Albion holdings ( LTD ) or with the Shaw Savill Society


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